This project is about to share some of the very small knowledge and how-to I have on Linux things. I have earned so many things (not money, mostly I spend money for hobby projects) from this sharing thing and now it's time to give back something. I always wanted to make this project happen but I was so lazy or busy. The initiative came from a friend who showed me his page (which is common with this project).

Most of the how-to's are things I have found from other people on the net and I have tried and or/ extended even more, you can find these pages on the 'Links' menu

The website is based on Joomla CMS with non or very little extensions.

The articles are on the corespondent categories (as correct as possible) and the categories will be shown on the menu.

I will also host my cv here just in case I need to find a new job.

That's it, good luck on your Linux things.